Health Psychology

Health Psychology | Integrated Primary Care | New Day Psychology

I specialize in Health Psychology, which is a field of Psychology focusing on helping clients, who have become ill with a medical illness or chronic medical condition. I help them cope with the illness and its implications and provide guidance and support in overcoming hurdles related to treatment(s) and interventions. Health Psychology (with the client’s consent), most frequently involves direct work with the client’s primary care provider, their staff, medical and surgical specialists, direct caregivers such as physical therapists, cardio or respiratory therapists, and home care nurses as deemed necessary.

As examples, I have guided clients through the diagnosis and treatment of different types and stages of cancer and have helped others with type one diabetes overcome the emotional barriers of managing their Insulin pump. I have also helped patients with heart failure and severe lung diseases cope and manage their chronic illnesses or organ transplantation process. The process may include working with a client’s own journey, relationship with others, family member’s response, and all other aspects of life. To become proficient in this unique field of psychology, I have earned a certificate in Health Psychology from UMASS.

The goal for all clients is to provide a process of self-understanding and insight and to equip them with tools for managing and coping with daily challenges and to achieve a better level of psychological and physical quality of life.