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Due to Covid-19, all sessions are conducted via Telehealth.

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Change happens each and every day, whether we like it or not. While we may not choose what happens to us, we can choose how we handle it. Our thoughts, behaviors, and actions play an integral part in our own personal happiness. Attending therapy at New Day Psychology takes courage, as well as a great commitment to yourself and those around you.

I am honored to work with each person that allows me to walk alongside them in this process. Therapeutic success is achieved via confidential collaboration, respect, honest feedback, and support. Together, we aim to find solutions that work for each client and their individual needs using creative strategies, the latest research, and personal discovery.

I am a clinical psychologist, licensed to practice in both Illinois and Florida. I earned a Psy.D. degree from Adler University in Chicago Illinois. I specialize in working with clients with Medical Health Issues. For that,
I have earned a certificate in Health Psychology from UMASS.

My approach to clients and therapy sessio
ns is that of a partnership, which starts with a level of compatibility, connection, and trust between client and therapist, without which no therapy can succeed. Clients must be respected and provided with a safe and comfortable environment to proceed with the complex work of psychotherapy. This has always been a key principle in how I conduct my therapy sessions.

In my practice, I provide psychological counseling and guidance to teens (16 and older), adults, couples, and families. I care for clients with a large range of psychological problems, including Anxiety, Depression, familial problems, and workplace-related stresses to name a few.

I specialize in Health Psychology which is a field of Psychology focusing on helping clients, who have become ill with a medical illness or chronic medical condition. I help them cope with the illness and its implications and provide guidance and support in overcoming hurdles related to treatment(s) and interventions.

My goal for all clients is to provide a process of self-understanding and insight, with an aim to equip them with tools for managing and coping with day-to-day problems -perceived and real- and to achieve a higher level of psychological and physical quality of life.