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Helpful Information

Helpful Information | Jacksonville Florida

For Emergency: Please call   911

*First Call for Help - Jacksonville & Duval County
(904) 632-0600

*Toll Free in Northeast Florida

*Suicide Prevention Center
(904) 868-5156

1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433)

1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255)

Child Abuse and/or Neglect

1-800-25A-BUSE 1-800-252-2873

Mental Health Emergency Response

*The MHRC Emergency Services departments

provide screening and assessments for the MHRC inpatient treatment programs for adults, adolescents and children.  Emergency Services provides telephone and face-to-face assessments and referrals to other services for individuals who are not admitted to the inpatient programs.

Location:                  MHRC South
11820 Beach Boulevard
Jacksonville, FL 32246-6670
Phone:                      (904) 642-9100, option #2
Program Hours:       Every day: Twenty-four (24) hours daily

Location:                  MHRC North
3333 West 20th Street
Jacksonville, FL 32254-1703
Phone:                      (904) 695-9145, option #2

*Jacksonville Social Services – Mental Health

 RUNAWAY Support

800-843-5200, 800-843-5678, 800-621-4000

LGBTQ Support

LBGTQ Trevor Project:  866-488-7386
Sexuality Support: 800-246-7743

WOMEN -Rape Crisis Lines and Domestic Abuse Helplines

*Jacksonville, FL Domestic Violence Help, Programs

*After Abortion Hotline/Pro-Voice:
Exhale: 866-439-4253

*Women's Center of Jacksonville

Offers community education, counseling, referral assistance, rape prevention services and breast cancer education, support and advocacy at complimentary and affordable prices.

5644 Colcord Ave., Jacksonville FL

Phone: 904.722.3000

Jacksonville Area Sexual Minority Youth Network
904-389-3857 OR 904-389-0089

Crisis Line: 904.722.3000

*Hubbard House - Domestic Violence

Hubbard House is a full-service certified domestic violence center. A free, confidential phone call to the agency’s 24/7 Domestic Violence Hotlines.

24/7 Crisis Line: (904) 354 3114

*The National Domestic Violence Hotline Website

*Women's Center - Resources - UNF

Victim Advocacy Resources. This page includes website and contact information


*Child Abuse  Hot Line: 800-422-4453

*Childhelp USA®
*SAMHSA's Children and Families
*SAMHSA's Protection and Advocacy

*Rainbows for All Children
Website includes resources and support information for children, teens and families dealing with loss due to death, divorce, deployment or other trauma

*Domestic Violence - Florida Department of Children and Families. › service-programs › domestic-...

Jacksonville Hospitals

Memorial Hospital

3625 University Blvd S

Open 24 hours · (904) 702-6111

Naval Hospital Jacksonville

2080 Child St

Open 24 hours · (904) 542-7300

Wolfson Children's Hospital

800 Prudential Dr · In Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville

Open 24 hours · (904) 202-8000

Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville

800 Prudential Dr

Open 24 hours · (904) 202-2000

UF Health North

15255 Max Leggett Pkwy

Open 24 hours · (904) 244-0411

UF Health Jacksonville

655 8th St W

Open 24 hours · (904) 383-1021

Jacksonville VA Clinic

Veterans hospital

1536 N Jefferson St

Opens 6:30AM Tue · (904) 475-5800

Baptist Heart Hospital

800 Prudential Dr · In Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville

(904) 202-2000

Jacksonville Memorial Hospital

3901 University Blvd S

(904) 702-1400

Veteran's Hospital of Jacksonville

2624 Atlantic Blvd

(904) 513-3240

Ascension St. Vincent's Southside Hospital

4201 Belfort Rd

Open 24 hours · (904) 296-3700

Emergency room: Open 24 hours

Mayo Clinic Hospital

4500 San Pablo Rd S

Opens 8AM Tue · (904) 953-2000

Emergency room: Open 24 hours

Shands Uf Hospital

655 8th St W

Open now · (904) 244-0411

University hospital

653 8th St W

(904) 383-1016

Baptist Medical Center Beaches Hospital

Jacksonville Beach, FL

Open 24 hours · (904) 627-2900

Griffin Building Mayo Clinic Hospital

4500 San Pablo Rd S

(904) 953-2000

Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville Hospital

4050 Town Center Pkwy

Open 24 hours · (904) 202-6800

Saint Vincents Hospital

1 Shircliff Way

Open 24 hours · (904) 308-7300
Grief Support: 650-321-5272
Grief Counseling Crisis: 415-499-1195
*Community Hospice of Northeast Florida
Information and resources about co-occurring mental health and substance abuse problems, warning signs of substance abuse, treatment options, and teen substance abuse
*National Center for PTSD
Website features information, resources and support for individuals with PTSD and their fa and friends
*AIDS info
800-HIV-0440 (800-448-0440)
*Florida AIDS Hotline
Medical Conditions and Mental Health
Heart Disease and Depression
Heart –
Diabetes and Mental Health
American Diabetes Assoc –
*Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
*Depression and How Therapy Can Help
*The National Institute of Mental Health – depression  signs and symptoms, treatment, research
*The National Institute of Mental Health – Anxiety signs and symptoms, treatment, research
Drug Interactions
Medical Dictionary
Medication, Internet Mental Health
SAMHSA’s Psychiatry and Psychology
*FDA Drugs
Emergency Numbers
Nationwide Support Groups:
Other Emergency Resources
Helpful Links
American Psychological Association (APA):
National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI)
American Psychiatric Association (APA)
Psychology Today  
Grief and Loss:
Obsessive-Compulsive Foundation: Support, resources & information about OCD
Generalized Anxiety Disorder Fact Sheet:
Facts about Generalized AnxietyDisorder
Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance:
General information and resources
Bipolar Disorder Resource:
Bipolar Disorder Fact Sheet:
Suicide Fact Sheet: Fact sheet and information on suicide and prevention
Alcohol and Substance Abuse Links:
Eating Disorder Links:
Self Help and Support Groups:
  • American Self-Help Clearinghouse: Online self-help group resource
  • General health information including treatment, diagnosis, support groups, email lists, and personal stories
  • National Mental Health Self-Help Clearinghouse: Listings for self-help groups in the U.S.A
General Mental Health Resources and Info:
Trauma and PTSD:
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