Dr. Dor

 Vered Dor, Psy.D

Vered Dor, Psy.D is a Florida and Illinois states Licensed Clinical Psychologist and owner of New Day Psychology and a member of the American Psychological Association and the Florida State and Illinois State Psychological Associations.

Dr. Dor earned her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the APA approved program at the Adler University in Chicago. She developed her therapy and assessment experience working with a complex population of children, adolescents, and adult clients in several therapeutic schools, hospitals, integrated medical clinics, and private practice in the Chicagoland area. 

Dr. Dor is certified in Behavioral Health Certification from UMASS. Her goal is to provide clients with tools they can use on their own to cope with pain, intense emotional experiences, stressful situations, and tough interpersonal problems.


Over the past 15 years, I’ve worked to help people with a variety of challenges and obstacles.My focus as a psychologist is to help and support you bring about change in your life, through personalized interventions directly related to your unique problem patterns.

Through small actions and changes we create new outcomes, and from new outcomes emerge better lives.

work with  younger and older adults, adolescents (16+), individuals, couples, and family counseling. 

I work with  younger and older adults, adolescents (16+), individuals, couples, and family counseling. 

I support clients struggling with anxiety, depression, daily stress, psychotic disorders, and those who are healing traumatic loss and grief. In addition to working with people to overcome challenges of marital life, work, unemployment, family stress, and longstanding personal obstacles.

I am certified in Behavioral Health and have a special interest in working with individuals ( 16 and older), who suffer from chronic medical conditions. 

I work with a diverse group of patients representing different ethnic backgrounds, religious affiliations, and sexual orientations who have one thing in common – they are looking to achieve change.

Why not create a better you while creating a better life?!

I am available for an initial free telephone consultation and am happy to answer any questions you may have about treatment or appointments via phone
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Dr. Dor is fluent in both English and Hebrew